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Did you ever think that there was gonna be the day when you can be located in the USA, UK or CANADA and shop online for your mother’s  favorite groceries from her local Neighborhood supermarket and get it delivered to her doorsteps in a few hours ?


Now you can! With

Check out this step-by-step video guide to create your account and place your first order on GroceryList Jamaica.

How Secure is GroceryList Jamaica ?

At GroceryList Jamaica we care about our Customers’ Shopping Experience and their Privacy and Protection against Credit Card fraud ; Hence why we use the World’s Most Advanced and Safest Payment Gateway provider , Stripe . A global online payment processor that is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe. Stripe enables our organization to accept credit card payments online in a seamlessly safe way.

Companies that use Stripe Payment

Shop for your loved ones in Jamaica from anywhere in the world and help to build BRAND JAMAICA through job creation and local food consumption.

Imagine just by buying groceries!


•Create jobs for our  700+ and counting shopping and delivery partners.


•Increase the revenues for local businesses, helping them to hire more people.


•Help Jamaicans to consume our healthy local products .

We thank YOU! For continuing to build BrandJa through GroceryListJa.