A brand new company based in South Florida has its heart and roots in Jamaica.

The concept behind Grocery List Jamaica is simple but unique. It’s a website that helps people anywhere in the world shop for loved ones overseas in Jamaica.

“So if you’re from the diaspora in Canada, the United States and the UK, you’ll be able to shop for your loved ones in Jamaica,” said Jermain Morgan, Grocery List COO. “The items will be picked up from the store same day.”

Morgan tells NBC 6 that his business partner came up with the concept after struggling to find a better way to help his sick mother in Jamaica.

Instead of sending money to her to go grocery shopping herself, he wanted to find a way to shop for her and get the items directly to her.

“So you’ll go on the platform and select the items you need. Then once you check out with a date, a time, and the location,” said Morgan. “One of our vetted shoppers in Jamaica will get that notification on their phone. Once they get that notification, they go to the selected store that you choose, close to your relative, and shop for the items. As we said, we offer same-day delivery.”

When you shop, you’re spending money at a local store in Jamaica.

It operates similar to food delivery apps in the United States and Morgan says by using the website customers also create jobs in Jamaica.

“Right now we have almost 400 workers in Jamaica and they are excited to be a part of this company,” said Morgan. “We are building a brand in Jamaica. As we say Grocery List was built by Jamaicans, for Jamaicans.”

It’s a brand new business that launched in May, available across the island.

“Reviews have been tremendous,” said Morgan. “Customer service has been on point, and we’ve seen a lot of reaction. Persons [people] were like, ‘I am so happy’ that this initiative came in, because not only does it support us as founders, but it creates jobs in Jamaica.”

You can find Grocery List Jamaica on Instagram at @GrocerylistJamaica

or online at: https://linktr.ee/GroceryListJamaica

Story COvered by NBC 6 Local News


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