Expansion to Jamaica will better serve local clients and its Jamaican workforce

GroceryList Jamaica, a Florida-based online shopping platform, has announced the formation of its Jamaican subsidiary, GroceryList Jamaica Limited.

The subsidiary was incorporated this month and began operation days later. As the company expands its operations, jobs will be created in a number of areas, such as marketing, customer care, tech support, data centre, call centre and in agriculture.

In a news release announcing the formation of the local subsidiary, GroceryList Jamaica discloses that it is looking to launch in five other countries in 2023. However, the company is adamant that Jamaica will remain the headquarters for its call centre activities that serve the English-speaking countries on its platform.

GroceryList Co-founder Rory Richards.

In the news release, co-founder Rory Richards discloses that the online shopping company is now affiliated with a local bank through which all Jamaican employees will be paid. He said this affiliation will allow the company to expand the Jamaican gig economy, as more persons will be able to sign on as shoppers and delivery personnel.

Faster and better service clients

This, Richards added, will allow for faster and better service to clients in Jamaica whose relatives shop for grocery on the platform. He outlined some the benefits of the expansion, noting that the opening of Jamaican subsidiary will allow the online company to better serve its local clients.

In addition, it will be better able see to the welfare of its many Jamaicans workers. Richards, who is also the company’s CEO, argues that its local operations will be a benefit to the Jamaican Government saying it will allow the company to pay taxes to the Jamaican Government, thus contributing to the expansion of the economy.

According to the GroceryList co-founder, “we designed Grocery List Jamaica to help ease the economic burden on Jamaican households, as well as (to) empower Jamaicans to earn through creating an additional income stream”.

GroceryList connects to 150 local stores in Jamaica, where Jamaicans in the diaspora may order grocery items for their loved ones in Jamaica and have the items delivered to their doorsteps within minutes of placing an order.

The platform covers all 14 parishes and operates in the same manner as shopping for items on the Amazon platform. In addition to the over 150 local stores, there are some 500 persons in Jamaica who do the shopping and delivery.

Richards, who was recently in Jamaica, held talks with a number of government officials and business interest, where he advised that every order placed on the platform provides two jobs through the gig economy system: the in-store shopper and the delivery personnel.

Co-founder Jermain Morgan explained that the idea of the grocery shopping platform was inspired by the experience of his business partner’s mother falling ill and being unable to physically go to the grocery store to make her own purchases. Persons may visit Grocery List shoppers to place their orders, who will make the purchases and deliver them to the recipients.



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