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  1. Cecelia Housen February 24, 2023 Reply

    God bless all those who are involved in implementing Grocery List Jamaica. You are instrumental in reducing stress, specifically for people living abroad who care for their aging family members back home. Mr. Jermaine, I want to thank you, sir, for your understanding and patience. You are such an understanding and kind person. You are a counselor without knowing it. Thanks to you and your staff for doing an out-of-this-world fantastic job. Be blessed, infinity. It is such a blessing that there are businesses operated by people like you and your staff who can be trusted, which speaks volumes. I have been blessed to use your place of business on more than one occasion to get merchandise to my mom, Mrs. Frances Housen, in Chester, and I have never been disappointed. Keep up the fantastic job you are doing, God knows people living overseas have been praying for a business such as yours for years.
    Yours sincerely, CC.

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